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The Wellness Inventory

The Wellness Inventory is a self-assessment tool to help clients gain awareness of their current lifestyle and identify aspects they wish to change to improve their quality of life.

Developed by modern day wellness pioneer Dr. John W. Travis, MD, MPH, The Wellness Inventory is a comprehensive personal development program designed to help people reach a higher level of well-being and wholeness. The tool assesses individuals in twelve dimensions of wellness, which provides a comprehensive map from which they can identify specific areas for improvement.

As a client of Passage Insights, you will be guided through the five steps of the Wellness Inventory:

Step 1 - Assessment
Complete a lifestyle assessment focusing on all aspects of yourself in 12 key dimensions of wellness.

Step 2 - Scores
Receive your personal Wellness and Satisfaction scores for each of the 12 dimensions as well as your overall score. From the scores you will discover your strengths and the areas of your life which are most motivated to change.

Step 3 - Personal Wellness Action Plan
Create three to five simple actions steps in the wellness areas you are most motivated to change. This plan is based on the philosophy of small steps for continuous improvement.

Step 4 - Support Tools
Utilize a suite of tools including email reminders, journals, and resources of 12 Wellness Resource Centers to help you successfully implement your wellness action steps.

Step 5 - Ongoing Wellness
Track/update your Personal Wellness Action Plan to reflect your successes and current areas of lifestyle focus. After six months you can retake the assessment to monitor your progress.

"High-level wellness is an integrated method of functioning which is oriented towards maximizing the potential of which the individual is capable."
Halbert L Dunn MD PhD

Leslie Meyer-Miller, MSSA, NBC-HWC

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