Leslie Meyer-Miller, MSSA, CPCC

Life is a continuous journey; a maze with many passageways and turns. If you allow yourself to openly explore the maze, introspection and insight will follow. Some of our turns may be out of our control; possibly we have fallen or become stuck and need help getting up in finding a new pathway. This could be the result of an illness, possibly one that leaves us with chronic pain, a disability, confusion or just aging, which may create challenges.


Other pathways may come from a family member that needs our help, but we do not know where to begin to help; we feel lost and overwhelmed. Perhaps we have chosen a pathway that has become too big for us which creates burnout or losing our own boundaries.


Whatever new pathway you are on, Leslie's wellness coaching navigates you to a new passageway with new insights that will provide you with a higher sense of well-being and calmness.

Leslie Meyer-Miller, MSSA, LSW, CPCC

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