Leslie Meyer-Miller, MSSA, CPCC


Interactive Webinar and Personal Coaching

Developed & facilitated by Leslie Meyer-Miller, Your Caregiver Coach

You can become a caregiver at the blink of an eye. One day your whole world changes and you become immersed in someone else's world. Boom! YOU are now a caregiver. If and when the dust settles, you may consciously choose to continue being the caregiver. You may feel you don't have a choice. As days turn into months, your world shrinks and your life is focused fully on the care of your loved one.

Adrenaline may be the only thing keeping you going. This can wreak havoc on the system. Overwhelm sets in. It can be scary navigating the aging system. Time is scarce and you may experience feelings and thoughts of guilt, frustration and fear. Fast and frozen foods become the norm. You have forgotten your exercise program and other things that keep you healthy. Your health may decline faster than your loved one. Your support system shrinks.

Who is Taking Care of the Caregiver? is an interactive webinar program designed to support the participant in becoming whole again. It provides expertise, support, and strategies where and when they are most needed. Learn with and from others who are in similar situations.

Program Includes:

  1. The Wellness Inventory Assessment: a unique whole-person self-assessment that promotes insight and awareness (1 year online membership to support you staying on track with your wellness goals).
  2. An individual coaching session with Leslie where your personal concerns and aims are addressed.
  3. Participants also have access to email and check in phone calls with Leslie between classes.
  4. Five 90 minute webinar classes (6:30-8:00 pm EST)

    January 2020 Dates & Agenda To Be Determined

For questions, contact Leslie at leslie@passageinsights.com or (614) 226-5181.

Leslie Meyer-Miller, MSSA, LSW, CPCC

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