Leslie Meyer-Miller, MSSA, NBC-HWC


Those who work with Leslie find that her caring personality, enthusiasm, and honesty help them to focus on the tasks needed to adjust to new lifestyles or to accomplish their goals. With humor, compassion, and determination, she integrates her personal experiences, professional skills, and passion for life into her coaching.


“Leslie has been a wonderful colleague and great personal coach for me. I've always said that everyone that coaches should also be coached. To that end, Leslie meets the mark with the highest integrity and sensitivity that a client needs. Her ability to listen closely and intuitively ask questions that elicit insight beyond what I could have asked for is amazing. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for change at any level. You will get far more than you bargained for! ”
~Marty Cornett, RN, NBC-HWC


“Leslie is committed to giving full value for the money spent. She is very knowledgeable and creative with solutions to issues presented for consideration. She is extremely personable and exhibits a deeply caring attitude about her clients.”
~Beth, client


“Leslie gets me through my week. She kicks my behind when I need it, but she knows when I need empathy, instead, and dishes that out, too. She grounds me in reality and inspires me to be the person I can and want to be. I am blessed by her presence in my work and personal life.”
~Jim, client


“Every time we [Leslie and I] coach, I feel energized and enthusiastic about my life. She helps me to understand my emotional needs, and to create a sense of joy in everything I do.

When we coach, I am reminded that I deserve to live my life according to my principles. I feel the freedom and peace that go along with aligning my goals with my beliefs. She helps me move through life with ease, rather than fighting the flow.

Coaching with Leslie has helped me feel in control of my life. I truly am empowered to be my best self. ”

~Lisa, LMT, Columbus, Ohio


“Thanks again for your guidance. You are really making a big difference in my life. Gosh, I wish I would have connected with you ten years ago.”
~Mark, coaching client

Leslie Meyer-Miller, MSSA, NBC-HWC

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